Why Hire An Equine Expert?

There are many reasons to leave your friends in the care of someone who has been around horses and knows how to care for them in the comfort of their own homes. Some of these reasons include:

If you are in need of multiple services or an overnight stay. We have some package options as well as the ability for you to customize a services package that fits your needs!

Stable Sweeper

Cleaning a barn or stable can take up a lot of your precious time. Let us take this task off of your plate and help you get back to more important things such as your horses!

Pictures or Visit Required.

  • Basic Stall Sweep & Muck $8/stall
  • Deep Clean & Reorganization Base Rate $150

    Cobweb clean | Wiping down walls | Sweeping | Rearranging/Organizing

    We can create a package that caters to whatever cleaning needs you have.

Exercising/ Conditioning

Whether your horse needs to stretch their legs or lose some of their extra cushion. We can take them out for some basic exercise or work with them to either up their skills or teach them some new ones!

  • Includes Basic Grooming $50/hour

    Round pen work | Ground exercises | Arena work | Hacking | Ground driving or with cart

Small Critter Care

We offer additional critter care for your other farm animals or in-door pets. This service is only available in addition to any other equine package or service. 

  • Three Small Critters $20
  • Additional Pets/Per Pet $5


Everyone deserves a spa day, including your beloved horses! We have a few different grooming options available to make sure your horse(s) feel completely pampered!

  • Full Body Bath $35/horse
  • Medicated Bath $35/horse
  • Basic Grooming $25/horse

Medical Care

For minor injuries, we offer medical care services to help get your horse(s) back to feeling like their best and strongest selves.

  • Wrapping Abscesses $15
  • Hand Walk $20

Request Services or a Package

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How It Works

1. Choose your package or a la carte service options.

2. Submit your request form.

3. We will reach out to go over your needs and create a custom pricing package.

4. Once your service or package is confirmed, we lock in the date(s) and request an initial retainer payment.

5. We schedule a meet and greet at your location to learn to care your way!

6. Remainder payment is requested once our package or service is complete.

Want to bundle a few different services? We have some package options that might be just what you are looking for!

Not sure if you want to book yet? You can go ahead and schedule a meet and greet so we can meet you and your furry friends to talk through our packages/services and how we can help!

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